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Oil & Gas Production and Processing

MTS World has successfully completed projects in the petroleum industry around the world from production and lease operations (on and off-shore); gas processing and distribution; oil refining. These projects for our oil and gas customers included: front end analysis of training needs, writing custom technical documents covering the plant processes, training customer personnel to write MTS style process/operations training manuals, training in the use of our DOC documentation system, incorporating training manuals from our library of over 400 titles. In one of our projects, we assessed mechanics and instrument technicians to determine their maintenance training needs. Due to the global implementation, the projects were multilingual including: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean and Bahasa Indonesian.

Recent customers include: ExxonMobil Production Western Canada, Pluspetrol Peru, Refinor, Citgo, Fujian Refining and Petrochemical, Pluspetrol Angola

Previous customers: Arco, BP Amoco, BP Alaska, ConocoPhillips, Imperial Oil, Sun Oil, Texaco

Locations: Throughout the United States, China, Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, UK