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Chemical and Petroleum Plant

Chemical / Petrochemical Training

MTS World has successfully completed hundreds of projects in the chemical/petrochemical industries around the world. These projects included: training needs assessment, gap analysis, writing custom, site-specific technical documents covering the plant processes, training customer personnel to write MTS style process/operations training manuals including normal operating procedures and critical procedures. The projects included existing plants, expansions and plant start-up training. Projects were done in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese.

Example processes include: ethylene, polyethylene, paints, resins, calcium chloride, flame retardants, films, catalysts, synthetic rubber, BTX, and synthetic motor oil.

Recent customers include: ExxonMobil Chemical, Honeywell/UOP, Solutia Performance Films, Allnex, PPG, Tetra Technologies, IPSL, PCS Nitrogen

Previous customers: Eastman, Monsanto, Petrobras, Nova, Bayer, Cabot

Locations: Throughout the United States, China, Argentina, Spain, Japan