OPS-101 Equipment Fundamentals

OPS-101: Equipment Fundamentals Boot Camp For Plant Operators

Do you have inexperienced operators, or new hires, that need to learn about basic process operations?  Perhaps even some of your seasoned operators could benefit from some fundamentals training as well?


If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, talk to us about customizing a boot camp session at your facility.  See below for details.


We look forward to working with you and your team!


Sample Boot Camp Session(1)
C014   Process Control Operation PO8    Heat Exchanger Operation 
MO1    Centrifugal Pump Operation PO12  Cooling Tower Operation
MO5    Centrifugal Compressor Operation     PO20  Bottoms Overhead Fractionation 
MO10  Fan And Blower Operation PO26  Boiler Operation
MO24  Valve Operation WO10 About Troubleshooting


Features & Benefits(2)
New & Experienced Operators      Fully Customizable  Blends Theory & Practice  
Expert Facilitator-Led Up to 32 Hrs of Training/Week     Onsite Learning
Up to 8 Operators Per Session   You Select Modules Classroom + Field(2)


(1) Partial list of over 60 available modules 
(2) Field training when access to the plant is available 

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