Learning Systems

Refinery Plant

Training is an activity, Learning is a result.™

At MTS World we are much more interested in results, not activities. Our approach starts by differentiating between pedagogy and andragogy. We are all familiar with pedagogy; the teaching of children; that is instructor centered and content based. Andragogy is the learning of adults; that is learner centered and performance based. The six key traits of adult learning are:
  • Learning from experience, not just information
  • Learning in patterns, not with isolated data
  • Favoring a particular learning style within the Learning Process
  • Comparing the new (unknown) to the old (known)
  • Selective: deciding if, what and when to learn
  • Learner opts to learn or not
The MTS World Learning System consists of a Framework that includes 4 Laws of Learning and 4 Training Concepts.

4 Laws of Learning:

  • Readiness – Are the learners ready to learn?
  • Impact – Does the information to be learned have an immediate impact for the learners?
  • Relevance – Is the learning relevant to the jobs?
  • Practice – Is practice of the newly learned concepts/information structured and included

4 MTS Training Concepts:

  • Functional Training (Work-Based, Practice-Theory)
  • Gestalt Structure (Whole-Parts-Whole)
  • Inductive Learning (Guided Discovery)
  • Behavioral Objectives (Performance-Based Outcomes)

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