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LDP TM Leadership Development Training

Empowering Your Leaders To Achieve Operational Excellence 

The success of any endeavor depends on people. The leadership in an organization determines whether the people have the work environment, knowledge and skills necessary to achieve success. The power of these truths is clearly demonstrated in the sustained success of numerous organizations worldwide. Yet, while many organizations invest in their products or services, sadly, they often fail to invest adequate time and resources to develop effective leaders.


The MTS World LDP™ Leadership Development Process will empower your team with the Leadership Knowledge and Skills to develop and sustain an effective, efficient, successful organization.  MTS’ unique approach to leadership development takes advantage of our extensive process management know-how, and our companion strategy known as the 10 Key Questions™. LDP takes the form of the four phase Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) management system.  Each of these phases defines the core leadership skill-sets and in turn is covered in a facilitator-led modular workbook format. 


LDP™ Leadership Training Modules

 LDP00 Overview
LDP01 Setting Objectives LDP06 Teamwork
LDP02 Time Management LDP07 Training
LDP03 Delegation LDP08 Conflict Resolution 
LDP04 Communications LDP09 Decision Making
LDP05 Coaching LPD10 Performance Management


"MTS has been the resource of choice in the area of leadership development for manufacturing front line supervisors and managers. Their Leadership Development Program has been successfully utilized at many of our facilities to enhance the skills of those who put the product out the door every day."

(Director of Manufacturing Services For A Major Midwestern USA Metal Recycling Company)


LDP™ Features & Benefits


  • For New & Seasoned Learners
  • Led by Experienced Facilitators 
  • Customized For Your Needs
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Results Driven
  • In-House


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