Document Development

Refinery Plant

Document Development

Documentation remains a critical element in operating and maintaining your complex manufacturing facilities. Documentation enhances your operation, increases performance, supports maintenance and operation, reinforces training, optimizes quality, and ensures safety. Manuals:

  • Establish Working Standards
  • Operate/Maintain (Process/Equipment)
  • Train
  • Optimize
  • Certify

In our projects we:

  • Train Writers to document the plant in MTS World style and formats
  • Write Processes for our customers if they do not have the internal resources
  • Write Equipment, typically for maintenance projects
  • Digitize Manuals by applying the MTS World Documentation On Call (DOC) System
  • Provide Access to the MTS World Library of over 400 manuals covering commonly encountered processes and equipment

MTS World manuals are formatted in the same way to establish a standard and achieve consistency to enhance technology transfer. The manuals are based on answering the following 10 Key Questions (where the word ‘it’ is replaced by your process, sub-processes, equipment):

    1. What Is It?
    2. What Is It For?
    3. What Does It Do?
    4. What Does It Consist Of?
    5. How Does It Work?
    6. What Is The Evidence of Good Operation?
    7. How Is It Operated?
    8. How Are Faults Detected?
    9. How Are Faults Corrected?
    10. How Is It All Done With Precaution?

Of the 10 key questions, 1-6 are descriptive (knowing), 7-10 are prescriptive (doing).

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