Content Development

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Content Development

At MTS World, we understand your need to increase productivity while reducing expenses. Our approach to helping you achieve these goals through content development focuses on:

Processes and Equipment

We first analyze and define your processes. A process adds value, transforming inputs into outputs with the help of auxiliary inputs. Characteristics of a process:

  • The inputs and outputs are measurable.
  • A process can be divided into sub-processes.
  • The product characteristics are controlled within the process.
  • The process is the focus of its own control and optimization.
  • Deviations (and their solutions) reside within the process.
  • The process is the focus of its own troubleshooting and problem solving.
  • To control the process we control the interfaces of the sub-processes.


During our content development process to define your competencies, we analyze your technology, people and organization utilizing world-class performance indicators. The Performance Indicators are used for:

Performance Assessment, with the purpose of:
  • Training
  • Development
  • Coaching
  • Certification of Competencies
Identification of Organizational Opportunities, for the purpose of:
  • Inserting ‘world class’ performance standards
  • Organizational Development

Task and Competency Matrix

First, we define the process by analyzing the technology by documenting its processes, sub-processes, equipment combinations, equipment, down to the parts if maintenance is involved. Then, we determine how to operate and maintain the technology and decide who will operate and maintain the technology. Finally, we determine training needs through gap analysis.

Using a Gestalt technique, we define the crude whole, main parts, details of the parts, then put it all back together again. The Gestalt provides the structure to visualize functional relationships of the process and equipment which facilitates control and optimization.

Characteristics of a Gestalt

  • Most of what we deal with in industry are already ‘gestalts’
  • Provides a navigation map
  • Can start at any level and not get lost
  • Can add details without losing the basic structure of the system
  • Totally aligned with the adult learning process: learning in patterns and not just isolated data

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