South America

South America

South America - MTS World 

Refinor - Argentina

MTS has been providing process management and training consultation for this niche refining company located in northern Argentina for over 17 years. Our last intervention was to re-evaluate the processes and re-map them if necessary, in order to realign the organization in light of changing conditions in the supply of raw materials, logistics and markets.

Pluspetrol - Peru

Pluspetrol is another long term customer (Argentina, Peru and Angola) of MTS. The current intervention is to update the MTS documentation & training system in the oil fields of northern Peru, surrounded by the Amazonian jungle. This update includes developing additional process and equipment manuals to cover new installations, train more trainers, monitor the implementation and develop the integratio with another company initiative to improve accountability.

MTS™ Management and Training System

Focusing on the workplace business itself, can be represented by a cycle in which four independent yet interrelated phases are included.


MTS™ can deliver certain selected products and services to meet your specific needs.

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