MTS Celebrates 50th Anniversary!

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NEWS RELEASE:  MTS Celebrates 50th Anniversary!

January 24, 2017/St. Louis, MO/ MTS is pleased to announce that January 24th 2017 is the fiftieth year anniversary of the founding of MTS. Management and Training Systems for Industry was incorporated on January 24, 1967 by John Warren, a former Monsanto instrument engineer. Since then the name has changed - first to MTS International, then Manufacturing Technology Strategies, then MTS World Inc. and now MTS World LLC.

While the name has changed, the mission has not:

"MTS™ will be a recognized leader in providing industrial organizations a Systems Approach for managing their Technologies, Organizations and People so that they achieve their objectives.

We will do that by integrating the principles and values of the MTS™ Management and Learning System with the Customer's Production, Maintenance and Administrative Support functions.

We will do this in ways that provide expected measurable results."

In celebrating our 50th anniversary, MTS would like to recognize several 'old-timers' still actively on board:

  • Vince Estrada - since 1972
  • Ken Taylor - 1976
  • Donna Dunlap - 1984
  • Neil Blahut – 1986
In addition to our team of seasoned professionals, we continue to grow and have bolstered our global team by adding new members over the last several years.

At MTS, we are proud of our heritage and our team and we look forward to working with our customers for the next 50 years