Westlake Chemicals 1 of 6 companies to be awarded the 2007 MTS World-Class Award!

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Westlake Chemicals 1 of 6 companies to be awarded the 2007 MTS World-Class Award!

2008-01-10 | by Neil Blahut

Westlake Chemicals was awarded the 2007 MTS World-Class Award in a presentation at the Lake Charles Polymers Plant. The award, presented by MTS World, Inc., commemorates the 40th anniversary of the MTS and is in recognition of Westlake’s outstanding Fidelity, Integrity and Quality in the use of the MTS Process Management and Learning System.

Westlake has been using the MTS System since 1990 to enhance its performance. In those 17 years, plant operating personnel was trained using MTS format operations learning manuals covering over 100 of the plant processes. In addition, maintenance personnel were also trained using the MTS methodology.

The award was presented by Vicente Estrada, Managing Director of MTS World, Inc., and Neil Blahut, President of MTS World Gulf Coast LLC, at a weekly management meeting. Receiving the award for Westlake: Robyn Miller, Training Coordinator; Gina Jones, Training Supervisor; Wayne Smith, Health, Safety & Environment Manager; and Wayne Ahrens, Plant Manager.

About MTS. Founded in 1967 by an ex-Monsanto process control engineer John Warren under the original name Management & Training Systems, MTS (now MTS World, Inc.) has completed more than 1,000 projects for 170+ companies in 34 countries and 8 languages.

Headquartered in St Louis, Missouri USA since its founding, MTS has delivered on a customized basis, The MTS System – as the company’s main service is known, to industrial sites in all types of industries. The focus of the work is the definition, documentation, training and application & measurement of the customer’s specific processes and equipment.

Reflecting the spirit of the MTS mission, a number of years ago the company adopted the tag line: Because Technology Depends On People…