Solutia Performance Films - Fieldale, VA

Refinery Plant

NEWS RELEASE Solutia Performance Films - Fieldale, VA

2012-08-30 | by Karin Aronson

Solutia Performance Films (Fieldale, VA) selected MTS World North America to assess their current operator training system and to implement the total MTS Training System.

MTS started at the site and defined in general terms the project goals with respect to the plant technology, the organization and the people. This, plus a clarification of the business goals with respect to training, created the basis of the study. The goals of this project were defined as providing an effective training program and implementation plan for the largest production unit, while keeping an eye on how to eventually leverage the training experience to the rest of the plant.

The project deliverables include:

      1. Process Maps of Core Technologies

      2. Sub-Process Maps for the Production Unit

      3. Competency Maps for each Sub-Process

      4. Core Training Module Identification and Development

      5. Specific Training Module Identification and Development

      6. Plans and Timelines

           a. Train the Writer

           b. Training Manual Development

           c. Train the Trainer

           d. Training Operators

           e. Results Measurement

           f. Integration of Training System with other Site Initiatives

      7. Training Effectiveness Audit

      8. Macro Organizational Analysis

The Project is currently underway and expected to be complete by the end of the year.