PPG - Delaware, Ohio

Refinery Plant

NEWS RELEASE PPG - Delaware, Ohio

2010-05-19 | by Ken Taylor, MTS North America

PPG, Delaware, OH, needed to train operators to run their new Waterborne Auto Refinishing Paint Operation. This required the development of training manuals and training for the operators.

Based on 28 years of previous successful partnering in operations training with PPG, MTS World North America LLC provided design and implementation of an Operations Training Program.

Stage 1 Design: The plant P&ID’s were reviewed and the process divided into its processes.

Stage 2 Documentation: MTS trained PPG personnel to write the manuals and wrote 3 of the required manuals. The manuals, reviewed for technical content by PPG, were formatted using the MTS DOC Software.

Stage 3 Transfer: PPG people were trained to train the operators using the new manuals and shelf manuals from the MTS Library.

Stage 4 Apply & Measure: The Learner Objectives and Feedback sections of the manuals were used by the Supervisors to measure the results of the training and the qualifications of the operators.