MTS World™ LLC, Starts Project with ExxonMobil Chemicals

Refinery Plant

NEWS RELEASE:  MTS World™ LLC, Starts Project with ExxonMobil Chemicals

Eighth Project in seven years completes the MTS World Process Manuals covering the entire complex

January 5, 2015 Houston, Texas/ MTS World™ LLC, a privately held, leading global manufacturing operations training service provider, today announced the start of its eighth project at the ExxonMobil Chemicals Beaumont, Texas plant. This project follows a line of projects to write Global
Manufacturing Training modules and Process Manuals covering all of the processes in the complex.

“Since June, 2008, MTS World and ExxonMobil Chemicals have partnered in the creation of the GMT modules, a world-wide ExxonMobil training initiative to standardize training in all its facilities. The GMT initiative began in 2007 and the Beaumont complex is the first of its size to complete the
modules.” said MTS World, LLC director of operations, Karin Aronson.

“Beginning with the GMT modules, the management at the complex recognized the need for process manuals to enhance the learning of the process operations,” said Neil Blahut, chief learning officer of MTS World, LLC and ExxonMobil project director. “To this end, 101 MTS Process Manuals were written covering all of processes at the complex: Olefins, Synthetics, Catalyst and Aromatics. The manuals, utilizing the MTS gestalt technique, combine descriptive text with flows and controls diagrams - condensing the process P&IDs on a single color-coded 11x17 page.”

"MTS has developed ExxonMobil process plant training materials under my direction for over five years. The MTS training designers were outstanding and they produce well designed, accurate learning products. MTS projects were virtually always on-time and on-budget," said Dr. Richard C. Ortloff, Sr. Training Advisor, ExxonMobil Chemical Company.