Metal Recovery Systems (MRS) Leadership Development Process, St. Louis, MO

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NEWS RELEASE Metal Recovery Systems (MRS) Leadership Development Process, St. Louis, MO

2010-05-19 | by Neil Blahut, MTS Gulf Coast

Preceded by a leadership gap assessment, MTS has initiated the implementation of its Leadership Development Process (LDP™) for supervisors at the MRS plant in St. Louis, MO.

For many years MTS has offered this kind of training, rooted in our original workshop titled What Is A Supervisor (WIS™). Along the way the program enlarged its scope to include other levels of leadership and the name changed to What Is A Leader (WIL™).

The most recent development preserves all of this, but it restructures the approach to that of leadership as a process. This unique approach takes advantage of our extensive process management know-how, and its companion strategy known as The 10 Key Questions (10KQ™).

LDP takes the form of the management system known as Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA). Each of these four phases defines the core leadership skill-sets. Each of these in turn is covered in a module.

As an umbrella, an overview module on Leadership Development Process sets the stage and provides the framework for the individual core modules. These individual modules can be covered in facilitated workshops in 4 to 8 hours, depending on the scope of the subject.

Planning Phase Modules:
• LDP Overview
• Strategic Planning
• Functional Planning
• Job Descriptions
• Setting Objectives
• Prioritizing (Time Management)

Doing Phase Modules:
• Coaching
• Communications
• Teamwork
• Delegation
• Training
• Effective Meetings

Checking Phase Modules:
• Measure Training Results
• Performance Evaluation
• Giving & Receiving Feedback

Acting Phase Modules:
• Performance Counselling
• Conflict Resolution
• Change Management
• Decision Making