Global Manufacturing Training At ExxonMobil

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NEWS RELEASE Global Manufacturing Training At ExxonMobil

2010-05-19 | by Neil Blahut, MTS Gulf Coast

ExxonMobil initiated a program to standardize the training in all of its facilities world-wide. Known as the Global Manufacturing Training project, the goal was for each site to document their processes in a standard, modular format for use in training their process, maintenance and technical personnel. In June 2008, MTS World Gulf Coast started writing the GMT Modules for the Ethylene Unit field and console operators at the ExxonMobil Chemical plant in Beaumont, Texas. This effort was interrupted for a short time by Hurricane Ike in September. Plant management determined that they wanted to continue the project and assigned experienced operators to assist in the development rather than having direct involvement in hurricane recovery.

The ethylene project expanded in October to include the cracking furnaces and eventually grew to include the Synthetics and Catalyst plants as well. In all of the areas a lack of current process descriptions was noted. To fill this need, MTS wrote Process Manuals in the new MTS "graphic" format for the furnaces, synthetics and catalyst plants. These Process Manuals provided current process information for the GMT Modules. The work is continuing through the first half of 2010 with MTS providing as many as 5 engineers at one time. To date 433 GMT Modules and 47 Process Manuals have been written. In addition, during 2009, MTS worked with the Global GMT group to develop modules for use as the basis for plants in Beaumont and in France.