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Dynasol, Altimira, Mexico

Dynasol, a joint Venture of the Mexican KUO Group and Repsol/YPF (50%-50%), produces SBS and SBR synthetic rubber. MTS recently completed an Operations and Maintenance Training System Study for the Dynasol Altamira Plant. During this study MTS:

  1. Analyzed the technology of the Plant in block diagrams for each process step.
  2. Developed MTS Competency Matrices™ that define wha\e personnel operating and maintaining the plant need to be able to Do, Know and Use for a safe and productive operation.
  3. Designed training programs for operators and maintenance personnel.
  4. Provided observations and recommendations for the improvement of the Dynasol Altamira operators and maintenance personnel competences.

MTS is in the process of implementing a Documentation and Training Project consisting of training operators and supervisors in the writing of operation and maintenance manuals, training supervisors as operators trainers and providing follow up to the writing process and training.

MTS™ Management and Training System

Focusing on the workplace business itself, can be represented by a cycle in which four independent yet interrelated phases are included.


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