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Teck Metals - Trail, BC

This involves several projects to revitalize the MTS System at the multi-plant facility with the largest smelter in North America. MTS conducted projects in the past at Teck (formerly Cominco) and in 2010 began projects in the Sulfide Leaching, Specialty Leaching, Lead Smelter, Lead-Silver-Copper Refining, Fertilizer, and Electrolytic & Melting Plants. At each plant, Teck operators and supervisors have been trained to write MTS style manuals and to deliver training using the MTS training methods. The project is on-going and has entered a phase of in-depth training and certification of a selected Teck Train team to become internal MTS facilitators in order to sustain the system.

MTS™ Management and Training System

Focusing on the workplace business itself, can be represented by a cycle in which four independent yet interrelated phases are included.


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