Focusing on the countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, The Middle East, Oceania and the English-Speaking Caribbean MTS World provides the MTS Industrial Training and Process Management System to all sorts of industrial organizations. Over the past 40+ years, this system has helped achieve business objectives for the following industries in the region:

Petroleum Refining
Oil Production
Chemical Processing
Gas Production
Gas Processing
Petrochemical Processing
Carbon Black
Mining & Metallurgical
Wind Energy Materials

For the following companies and countries (some company names have changed since the project was conducted):

Eastman Chemical (Spain, Netherlands, Malaysia)
ExxonMobil (Australia, Malaysia)
Cabot (China, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, Czech Republic, Spain, Wales)
Petromin-Arthur D. Little (Saudi Arabia)
International Nickel (Indonesia, Wales)
Gurit (China)
Federation Chemical – WR Grace (Trinidad)
Ghana Gold Mines (Ghana)
Phillips Petroleum (Norway)
Arco (Indonesia)
AMP (India)
Monsanto (UK, Wales)
GlaxoSmithKline (UK)
IPSL (Trinidad)
Fertrin-Amoco (Trinidad)
Huffco (Indonesia)

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