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LANXESS - Singapore

Based a relationship dating back to 1975 (the under the names of Polysar and Bayer), LANXESS – a world leader in the production of synthetic rubber – called on MTS again to help develop and implement an operations training program for the new plant – the world’s largest of its kind - in Jurong Island, Singapore. The project included a front-end analysis to custom design the programs and plans, training supervisors and control room technicians to develop the process manuals, provide core modules from the MTS Library for basic training, training supervisors and control room operators as facilitators, and monitoring their training. The project was concluded August 2014.

PPG Coatings - Zhangjiagang, China

This project, at the Zhangjiagang plant, was a pilot project in advance of the potential for projects throughout Asia. This project is a result of many PPG projects at various plants in the US. PPG engineers and supervisors were trained to write MTS format process operations training manuals. The manuals were then converted to final electronic form and then translated into Mandarin Chinese for use in training plant operators. Supervisors and engineers were then trained in the MTS methodology of facilitating learning. Monitored by MTS, the trainers trained process operators. The plant manager estimates that this approach produced better results, while cutting the training time in half.

PPG Coatings - Cheonan, South Korea

An offshoot of the Zhangjiagang China project, the Cheonan project focuses on a relatively new technology for the plant. The project involves documenting the processes, getting those manuals electronically converted and translated to the local language, training facilitators so that they in turn can train operating personnel, and monitoring the training. Project started January 2015 and is on-going.

Fujian Refining & Petrochemical Company - Quanzhou, China

Analyzed the operations training needs in preparation of hiring new operators in the Fall of 2014. Once the needs were identified, MTS Core Library Manuals covering the needs were provided for translation into Mandarin Chinese. Personnel at the facility were trained in the MTS methodology of facilitating learning with follow-up scheduled for October 2015.

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