What Our Customers Say

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What Our Customers Say

Five Years of Excellence
"MTS has developed ExxonMobil process plant training materials under my direction for over five years. The MTS training designers were outstanding and they produce well designed, accurate learning products. MTS projects were virtually always on-time and on-budget."
Dr. Richard C. Ortloff, Sr. Training Advisor
ExxonMobil Chemical Company

Quick and Competent Response
"MTS quickly responded to our needs in a time sensitive situation. We had to quickly develop a training program for a scenario where 10-15 employees from other sites were needed to supplement our workforce. In 3 months from initial contact, we had the program ready to implement."
Frank DiCristina, Operations & Maintenance Manager
Allnex USA Inc.
Wallingford, CT

MTS Delivered Once Again!
"When faced with the task of staffing and training personnel for a brand new chemical manufacturing plant and having experienced the quality and effectiveness of the MTS system on a previous, large retrofit project, I knew where to turn. MTS delivered once again. I will not hesitate to use them on future projects."
Gary Usery, Operations Manager
TETRA Technologies
El Dorado, AR

MTS – Development Expertise

"MTS has been the resource of choice for Metal Exchange Corporation in the area of leadership development for manufacturing front line supervisors and managers. Their 12 module Leadership Development Program has been successfully utilized at many of our facilities to enhance the skills of those who put the product out the door every day. The MTS maintenance skills assessment and development approach has also been an invaluable tool at several of our facilities."
Scott Bichel, Director of Manufacturing Services
Metal Exchange Corporation

MTS™ Management and Training System

Focusing on the workplace business itself, can be represented by a cycle in which four independent yet interrelated phases are included.


MTS™ can deliver certain selected products and services to meet your specific needs.

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