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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We already have (or will have) ISO Certification. Why do we need MTS™?
A: Before ISO certification became popular, MTS™ was already producing results (since 1967). Our System is totally compatible with ISO systems and can be easily integrated into it. Also, our System is more detailed and makes the ISO more operational. Usually the procedure used for ISO certification does not include operating details of the kind needed for effective operation of the processes. Many of our customers are already ISO certified and want results. They migrate from their original ISO procedure to the more comprehensive MTS™ documents because the same MTS™ document (one per process) can be used for:  

  • Setting down process standards of performance
  • Operating the process against those standards
  • Training people
  • Optimizing the process
  • Certification

Integrating all the common norms (quality, environment, safety)

If you are not certified, the documents produced with our system are 'certifiable'.

Q: We already have (or are in the process of installing) Six Sigma, TPM, Reliability Centered Maintenance, others. What value does MTS™ add?"
A:    Six Sigma is a good, powerful initiative. We are doing projects in which that initiative is in place and we have integrated with it. Since 6S is "a process to improve other processes" for it to work, the processes to be improved need to be well defined and documented and that's MTS™' forte. Concerning TPM: Customers rely on us to help them build operating and maintenance training documents.

Q: Do you have experience in this industry?
A:    Our contribution is not subject-matter expertise, but methodological. However, look at the range of industries we have worked in (about 1000 projects!) and all of our MTS™ consultants come from an industrial environment and not from an academic or theoretical consulting environment.

Q: How do you price your services?
A:    We prefer, and our customers prefer, firm contracts with well-defined deliverables, actions by MTS™ and actions by the customer. We operate on a project basis.

Q: We already have very good performance. What value can you add?
A:    Our founder used to say that MTS™ has two kinds of customers: those who have real problems and needs, and those who are very creative and innovative. Many of our successful projects are in the first category. However, successful companies are always looking for cutting edge tools that keep them successful; so we have as many projects in the second category. Ours is such a tool. Sometimes the MTS™ System is used to help integrate other powerful initiatives and make the business more effective.

Q: Why is the DOC™ System, The MTS™ Documentation-On-Call, used to create training workbooks?
A:    The DOC™ System is an advanced desktop publishing system consisting of a set of software templates, utilizing text and graphics platforms. The templates have been developed to create professional looking training materials with speed and efficiency in mind, without compromising the integrity or quality of the technical content. The templates also adhere to ISO & OSHA standards of training documentation.

Q: Consultants came and trained us, then left us without a sustainable system.
A:    MTS™' documentation and process management tools can be installed at your site and we will train your people to ensure that you can sustain these tools independently. We also offer annual (or more frequent) visits to ensure sustainment.

Q: How do you deal with non-technical Competencies (behavioral and/or attitudinal competencies)?
A:    We recognize competencies in three inter-related territories:

  • Technical
  • Organizational or Administrative
  • Interpersonal

The process-competency-performance strategy works just as well for non-technical competencies as it does for technical ones. One of MTS™' products is a process for leadership development, using the above tools and strategies.

Q: Do we have to install the entire MTS™ Management & Learning System?
A:    Our MTS™ Management & Learning System is customized to fit your needs. You may implement it in whole or in parts. Click here to view our Management & Learning System.

Q: How should I proceed?

A:    A visit by MTS™ to one of your sites, at no cost to you, where you are interested in doing the work. MTS™ can also give a detailed presentation to your team. We can also present a proposal for: 

  • The Design & Planning Phase
  • A Pilot Project
  • A Full Project

Please see "What our customers say" and/or visit an MTS™ project site. You can also send a request or call our office. Please see our Contact Us page.

ISO, OSHA, Responsible Care, EPA, DOL

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