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The MTS Management & Learning System


The MTS™ Management & Learning System

The MTS Management and Learning System is represented in the following 4-phase cycle:

The MTS Management & Learning System
1. Design and Plan
  • Map Processes
  • Map Competencies
  • Design Programs
  • Develop Plan
  • 2. Document
  • Document Technology
  • Write Manuals and/or Train Writers
  • Electronic System
  • MTS Library Manuals
  • 3. Transfer
  • Learning-To-Learn
  • Train and/or Train Trainers
  • Gap Assessment
  • Training Vs. Gaps
  • 4. Apply & Measurement
  • Training Measurement
  • Business Measurement
  • Audits
  • Certification
  • Sustainment
  • Optimization

  • The MTS™ Products
    Typical components of each phase of the cycle are shown above. For more details about each product, see the corresponding Fact Sheets.

    MTS™ Core Competencies:

    1. A totally integrated Process Management & Learning System
    2. Applied on a customized basis as a Total System or in Modules
    3. Delivered by people with direct operating & management experience
    4. Workplace, operating focus with rapid and lasting results
    5. Anchored on the Process concept focused on control/optimization
    6. Linked to strategic objectives and to people's performance
    7. Transferred to users based on gap analysis & adult learning process
    8. Creates a "learning organization" via Learning-How-To-Learn
    9. Fully integrates with, and can enhance, other initiatives
    10. Customer is trained to sustain the system

    Library & Learning Aids

    MTS™ has in its Library over 1600+ titles of training workbooks on specific equipment and processes that can be utilized for training.

    We have built up a comprehensive library of training workbooks as a necessary resource for providing you with general training in addition to the customized workbooks that can be produced for customized training.

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