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The MTS Organization

In 2015, MTS World combined its resources from regional LLCs around the world into a single, unified LLC - MTS World LLC, headquartered in the Houston, Texas area. This unified organization will better serve our customers in the evolving global economy.

The MTS People

MTS people are professionals with ample industrial experience. Our consultants come from various process industries where they held operating, maintenance and management positions. The consultants are backed up by document specialists able to professionally create electronic manuals and/or train our customers on electronic conversion.

Karin Aronson, Director of Operations, MTS World LLC, has a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Missouri – Columbia and an MBA from University of Missouri - St. Louis. Upon graduation from MU in 1994 she worked in the packaging department at Dial Corporation and transferred to operations manager of the sulfonation unit. She was also a sales consultant in the Design Group of Barry Wehmiller. Karin joined MTS in 2009 and manages the operations of MTS World.

Ravi Prakash, Director of Business Development, MTS World LLC
, has a Mechanical Engineering degree (1992) and an MBA (2000) from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.  In addition to technical consulting for our clients, Ravi also focuses on business development activities to help provide sustainable growth. Prior to joining MTS World, he began his career in 1993 working for Monsanto, then moved to Air Products and Dial Corporation. Most recently he was business director of Eastman’s Specialty Fluids global business unit with profit/loss responsibility.

Neil Blahut, Chief Learning Officer, MTS World LLC, has a Master’s Degree in Industrial Psychology, specializing in Training and Development. He has over 40 years’ experience in industrial training, mostly in the process industries of oil and chemical processing. He managed a three-year project for ExxonMobil Canada documenting the operations of 12 sites in western Canada and has personally written, or supervised the writing of, hundreds of training manuals and other training materials. He is also a trained ISO Lead Auditor. As President of MTS World Gulf Coast, he managed numerous projects at ExxonMobil Chemicals in Beaumont, TX over a 6.5 year span.

Greg Raeman, Senior Consultant, U.S. Operations, has a BA from the University of Missouri – Columbia. He has 22 years of experience training and developing people. His areas of expertise include Executive Management Development, Strategic Business Planning, Leadership Development, Presentation Skills, Financial Benchmarking, Delegating, Teamwork, Flow Efficiency, Regulatory Compliance and Recruiting. In addition to his professional career, Greg has 15 years of practical experience in business start-up and development.

Vince Estrada, Principal International Consultant, has a Chemical Engineering degree from MIT and an MBA from Xavier University. Vince is also certified by The Institute of Management Consultants. He began his professional career at Monsanto and joined MTS in 1972. Since joining MTS, he has performed/managed numerous projects world-wide. Vince’s primary focus has been in the international arena. Vince is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese

Gary Usery, Project Manager, has a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Arkansas.  His 30 years of experience include roles in plant commissioning and startup, operator training, manufacturing/operations management, engineering management, project engineering and process engineering.  His industry experience includes catalyst manufacturing, chemicals manufacturing, biodiesel production and environmental services.  During his career Gary has provided leadership in safety, quality, cost reduction, process debottlenecking and optimization, contract negotiation, emergency preparedness and response, and regulatory compliance.

Ken Taylor has a Chemical Engineering degree from Indiana Institute of Technology. He worked for ARCO Refining as a project engineer and director of operational training prior to joining MTS in 1976. He has written hundreds of manuals and has managed many MTS projects. He has nurtured a 

John Palmason has a degree in Civil Engineering and is a registered professional engineer in British Columbia. John took early retirement from Cominco after 25 years of employment there. He was Training Manager at Cominco during an MTS project. John has managed / worked on MTS projects since 1990 in Canada, United States and Malaysia.

Hector Terrazas has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and has been with MTS for 31 years. Prior to joining MTS he was employed by Monsanto. Hector is a Mexican citizen and performed many MTS projects in Latin America and the U.S. He is bilingual Spanish and English. Please note that Hector passed away in 2016 and is greatly missed by the entire MTS family.


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MTS™ is a "team of teams" made up of seasoned professionals with more than a century of collective industrial experience.

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