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MTS World Inc. has provided World-Wide, World-Class Industrial Training & Process Management. For Over 40 years, MTS World Inc. has handled more than 1000 projects for 170 companies in 34 countries & 8 languages.

Why Choose MTS over other Training/Management Consulting companies?

In a word – Commitment.

MTS World has a history of providing proven results in improving performance, efficiency, quality, and safety in manufacturing plants world-wide; from large multinational corporations to small, independent, local plant sites. Since it’s founding in 1967, as Management and Training Systems for Industry, MTS has held steadfastly to its mission of providing industry with a Systems Approach for managing their Technologies, Organizations and People so that they achieve their objectives We have done this by integrating the principles and values of the MTS Management and Learning System with our customer’s Production, Maintenance and Administrative Support functions.

While our name has changed over the years: MTS International, Manufacturing Technology Strategies, and now MTS World, our commitment to our customers has not.

The MTS™ System
The MTS System is represented in a 4-phase cycle. The first is Apply and Measurement. The next is Design and Plan. After the design and plan method we begin Documentation. Finally, we transfer the knowledge to the company through training ... Read More

MTS™ Products
Typical components of each phase of the cycle are shown above. For more details about each product, see the corresponding Fact Sheets or .... Read More

MTS™ Core Competencies
A totally integrated Process Management & Learning System. Applied on a customized basis as a Total System or in Modules Delivered by people with direct operating & management experience Workplace, operating focus with rapid and ... Read More

Survey Questions
1. BEST TRAINING PRACTICES SURVEY - Are you interested in assessing your organization against best training practices? We invite you to take this brief survey. You will receive the results comparing your organization with best practices standards.
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